Vincent is a character in the Wereworld series and was a Wereboar. He was the son of Baron Huth and the younger twin brother of Baron Hector. He was at first thought to be rather nice but then betrayed Drew Ferran to The Lionguard which resulted in his father being killed by Captain Brutus. Some time later Vincent along with his henchmen Ringlin and Ibal came to Hector at Bevan's tower and tried to get him to renounce his claim as Baron of Redmire as he believed that he would do better. During a fight with Hector Vincent is stabbed by his brothers dagger and topples off the banister of the stairs and dies before becoming a Vile.

Unfortunately, his spirit refuses to leave, haunting and tormenting Hector, with him being the only person who can see or hear him. He starts manipulate his brother, reminding him of his accidental murder, making Hector paranoid, and he starts to become capable of harming and even killing living beings. He is first used by Hector to kill a Siren that was about to harm Lady Bethwyn, but that also makes her notice that Hector's hand has turned black, incapable of feeling pain and cold as a corpse. After the incident at White isle, Count Vega becomes worried about the Boarlord's actions and Vincent manipulates his brother into trying to kill the Wereshark, which leads the rest of the crew into abandoning Hector, Ringlin and Ibal in Friggia, and they are arrested for murdering an innkeeper and his helper.

When they're taken to Queen Slotha, he gets nervous when the Werewalrus tries to kill them, but becomes pleased that Hector managed to manipulate her into sparing their lives. He comments that Lucas old self was still there, underneath his current, more serious and ruthless side. When Slotha claws Hector in the face, Hector commands him into grabbing her by the throat until her neck snaps, and becomes amused that Opal is the one in charge and convinces Lucas of keeping them alive. When Hector summons Vankaskan spirit at Vermire, Vincent destroys the spirit of the Wererat and absorbs all the power he had, becoming even more powerful.

Weretype: Boar

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Redmire

Family: Baron Huth (father) (deceased), Baron Hector (older twin brother), Magister Willhem(uncle)

Status: Deceased

Goal: To have Hector renounce his claim as Baron of Redmire

Fate: Dies fighting Hector and becomes a Vile

Appears In: Rise of the Wolf, Rage of Lions , Shadow of the Hawk , Nest of Serpents, Storm of Sharks