Vanmorten is a character in the Wereworld series. He is a Wererat, The Lord Chancellor to King Leopold, part of The Rat King along with his brothers and the murderer of Tilly Ferran. After the murder of Drew's adoptive mother, Drew then tore half his face away, leaving the ratlord gruesomly disfigured, yet alive. 

Weretype: Rat

Gender: Male

Family: Vankaskan, Vorjavik, Vorhaas and Vex (brothers)

Status: Alive

Fate: n/a

Appears In: Rise of the Wolf, Rage of Lions, Shadow of the Hawk, Nest of Serpents, Storm of Sharks

Characteristics Edit

Vanmorten is an old, short man, who wears a black cowl in order to hide his disfigurement. His rat form is only around 6 feet tall, but deadly nonetheless. During his second fight with Drew, he's set on fire by Drew, remaining critically injured for days, forcing his brothers to nurse him back to health, but remains even more gruesome and disfigured.