Tilly Ferran is a character in the Wereworld series. She was the wife of Mack Ferran, the mother of Trent and the adoptive mother of Drew.

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Family: Mack Ferran (husband) (deceased), Trent Ferran (son), Drew Ferran (adoptive son)

Status: Deceased

Fate: Is killed by Vanmorten

Appears In: Rise of the Wolf

Fifteen years before the start of the series Tilly worked in Highcliff as a maid to the werewolves King Wergar and Queen Amelie. But whilst Wergar was in Omir a werelion named Leopold came to Highcliff and took over as King and had Wergar surrender and executed before killing Wergar's children and starting a fire in the castle only Wergar's one year old son Willem survived as he was rescued by Tilly who took him with her family to live on a farm in The Cold Coast, re-named him Drew and passed him off as Trent's twin brother. Fifteen years later whilst Mack and Trent went to market Tilly and a now sixteen year old Drew stayed at home and a wererat named Vanmorten sent out by Leopold came to the house and attacked Tilly. Drew transformed and fought back ripping off half of the wererat's face and chased him off but unfortunately Tilly died from her injuries.