The Catlords are from Bast and types include Weretiger, Werepanther, Werelion. They all fight as one army instead of seperate guards.

Known CatlordsEdit

Leon, Leopold's father (deceased)

Leopold, werelion who stole the crown of Lyssia from Wergar. (deceased)

Lucas, Leopold's son (deceased)

Luc, nephew of Leon

Lex, nephew of Leon

Oba, Onyx and Opal's father (deceased)

Opal, werepanther, Onyx's sister

Onyx, Known as 'The Beast of Bast', the giant Werepanther is lord of the jungle continent and master of the Catlords' armies. Single-minded and driven by an absolute desire to conquer, there is little that can stand in his way as his army march north through Lyssia. A ferocious warrior, he never carries a weapon into battle – he is the weapon. (deceased)

Frost,The cunning albino Catlord is one of Onyx's most trusted advisors. A lover of all contests, be they of the mind or body, Frost delights in the hunt, often indulging himself in moments of brutal, animalistic pleasure as he embraces the Panther within. (deceased)

Primus, Onyx's cousin (deceased)

Tiaz, the field marshal, weretiger

Tigara, Tiaz's father

Taboo, Tiaz's daughter

Chollo, Cheetahlord

Chang, Chollo's son (deceased)