The Romari are a group of traveling vagabond people that wander throughout Lyssia performing. The Romari people have two different types of leaders. Their Zadkas are their primary military leaders while the Babas are their spiritual leaders. The Babas are also the overall leaders of the Romari people. Normally, there are multiple zadkas in a single Romari bunch and a single baba. Also, the Zadkas are always men while the Babas are older, wisewomen. There are many different Romari groups that travel through Lyssia, they do not all travel together. There are only three occasions for which the Romari people all come together. These include a marriage connecting any of the six old bloodlines of the original Romari families, the death of a male Zadka or female Baba, or times of war. Currently, as of the fourth book, the Romari are allies of Drew Ferran, the young wolf, and fight with him against his enemies.

Known Romari Edit