Mack was the husband of Tilly Ferran, the father of Trent and the adoptive father of Drew. He served in the wolf guard, and he was an elite soldier. Fifteen years before the start of the series Mack and his wife Tilly moved to the Cold Coast with their son Trent and the Werewolf King Wergar's son Willem whom they re-named Drew and pasted him off as Trent's twin brother. When the boys were sixteen Mack and Trent went off to tha market whilst Drew stayed at home with Tilly. A Wererat named Vanmorten came to the house and attacked Tilly and killed her before Drew transformed and ripped half of Vanmorten's face off and chasing him off. Mack and Trent returned and saw Tilly's body and believed that Drew killed her so he attacked him with his Wolfshead blade but Drew managed to get away. Months later Mack rejoined the WolfGuard and is attacked by King Leopold in his Werelion form and dies from his injuries but not before finding out that it was Vanmorten not Drew who killed Tilly.