Lyssia is the continental setting for the majority of the Wereworld series, which contains the Seven Realms. Lyssia also possesses a variety of environments, from the deep forests of Dyrewood to the eastern desert region of Omir. The northern landmass is surrounded on all sides by water.

Lyssia spans a little more than 600 miles from east to west (based on the Dyrewood begin 300 miles across), and some length more north to south if Bast is included. It contains seven realms sturmland the nerthenmost then the badlands a little to the south then comes the dalelands to the east of badlands then in the middle is the dyrewood the woodland realm then the westernmost realm westland the capital of lyssia highcliff is located there then the southernmost realm the longridings then to the east is the mountain realm of the barebones and the desert reakm of omir thrn after the lyssian straits is the islan continent of bast . it has seas in either sides of it the white sea to the west and the sabre sea to the west. The white has two griups if islands the cluster isles and moga