Field Marshal Tiaz is a weretiger from Bast and is best known for his role as the leader of the Bastian armies. 

Gender: Male

Weretype: Tiger

Status: Alive

Homeland: Felos (a place in Bast)

Family: Lady Taboo (daughter), High Lord Tigara (father)

First Appears In: Rage of Lions

History Edit

Rage of Lions Edit

Tiaz is first mentioned talking to Lady Opal when the Bastians arrive in the throne room at Highcliff. He attacked Leopold alongside the other Catlords.

Shadow of the Hawk Edit

Tiaz is mentioned to be leading the Bastian campaign in Omir, helping the Doglord Canan and the Hyenalady Hayfa siege the Jackal King Faisal.

Storm of Sharks Edit

After Opal tells the truth about the murder of Lord Chang and the Tigers turn against the Lions and Panthers, High Lord Tigara informs Drew that the Bastian army in Omir is being led by him, and mentions he's his son and Taboo's father.

War of the Werelords Edit

Tiaz is first seen at his war camp, waiting to end the siege on Bana Gap, when he receives the report that his troops were being attacked from the north and the warriors in the fortress were coming out, something he hadn't anticipated. .

The armies clashed, and Tiaz challenged Drew to a trial by combat. When he met the Werewolf on the field, Drew explained the breaking of the Forum of Elders and the new alliance of Wolves and Tigers.

Tiaz fights alongside Faisal and Djogo in the Battle for Robben.