Lord Ignus is a character in the Wereworld series and is a Werelizard. The volcanic island of Scoria is the home to the Lizardlord, Ignus, and his brothers. Hosting gladiatorial games within the Furnace, his fiery arena, the Werelizard will buy anyone for any price to fight for his entertainment, be they human or therianthrope.

Weretype: Lizard

Gender: Male

Homeland: Scoria

Family: 3 Unnamed brothers

Status: Deceased

Fate: Dies fighting Drew Ferran

Appears In: Shadow of the Hawk

Characteristics Edit

Ignus is a man with an oiled skin, completely bald, even without eyebrows, which gives him a permanently surprised look. He wears nothing more than a loincloth and golden jewelry. While hosting the fights at the Furnace, he wears a white robe. His lizard form is sick-green in color, bulging eyes with a large snout filled with sharp teeth.

Personality Edit

Ignus is clearly a hedonistic, selfish and ruthless slave trader, who believes anyone in Scoria belongs to him, his guests are only well treated as long as they remain in favor and buys the deadliest killers for the amusement of the masses of Scoria. He doesn't tolerate when he believes he has been tricked or given a bad business, willing to take anything, or anyone to pay the perceived price.