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Lord Chollo

Lord Chollo is the Cheetah lord of The Teeth Isles and the father of Lord Chang. He appeared in The Storm of Sharks during Drew's intrusion into the Forum of Elders in Leos. During that time, he and 20 other Bastian werelords, including High Lord Tigara, allied with the Wolf. He also found out that his son had not been murdered by Taboo, but Lord Onyx. He and Opal reclaimed Azra from Lady Hayfa, the Hyena, and saved Faisal from execution, in The War of the Werelords.

Gender: Male

Weretype: Cheetah

Status: Alive

Family: Lord Chang (son) (deceased)

Appears In: Storm of Sharks, War of the Werelords


He is described as having olive skin, and being noticably thin and agile, but seems frail and delicate. Despite him being at least 80 years old, he has extremely fast reflexes, being able to dodge Lady Hayfa's guards and incapacitate her within almost a single moment, and subsequently stop her from executing King Faisal.

History Edit

Storm of Sharks Edit

Chollo is first seen alongside his friend High Lord Tigara, clearly very upset after finding out the truth about his son's murder and after the fight at the Forum of Elders, Tigara said that he and Chollo would have their revenge on the rest Werepanthers after having forgiven Opal for the part she played in it.

War of the Werelords Edit

Drew dispatches him and Opal into verifying the condition at the Silver River now that it was under Lady Hayfa's control.