Lady Shah is a character in the Wereworld series and is a Werehawk. The Hawklady is one of the last of her kind, the rest of her proud people, having been sent into exile many years ago by King Leopold when he defeated King Wergar. Sworn into the service of Count Kesslar, she is the Goatlord's eyes and ears throughout the courts of the Seven Realms.

Weretype: Hawk

Gender: Female

Family: Baron Griffyn (father)(deceased), Casper (son)

Status: Alive

Homeland: Windfell

Fate: Escaped with Casper and Count Vega to an unknown place.

First Appearance: Rage of Lions

Characteristics Edit

Shah is a beautiful, but stern woman in her thirties, with long black hair and cold gray eyes. She was first seen by Drew wearing a leather coat tied with a red sash around her waist.

Her Hawk form is majestic, with black feathers and an orange beak.

Early LifeEdit

Little is known is about Shah's early life all that she was born to Baron Griffyn and an unknown woman some years before the start of the series. When she was twelve, Shah and her father where sold to the Goatlord slaver Count Kesslar by a fellow Hawklord named Skeer. A few years later whilst Kesslar was away to get more slaves Shah met Count Vega and ended up being pregnant with his child, so in order to stop Kesslar from finding out about the child, Griffyn had the child sent off to Vega. The child would soon be raised by Count Vega as his cabin boy, not knowing he was a Hawklord and Vega's own offspring.

Rage of Lions Edit

Shah is first seen during the burning of Cape Gala, where she was sent by Kesslar to save Drew from the fire and brought him to the Banshee, where she tended his wounds, and told him he was safe, for now.

Shadow of the Hawk Edit

War of the Werelords Edit