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King Wergar was the king of Lyssia and the last of the grey wolves until he lost his crown to Leopold, the Lion, who was the father of Prince Lucas. Wergar was the first husband of Queen Amelie and had four children who burned in the fire except for the youngest son Willem (Later renamed Drew Ferran). He lived in a world that was black and white meaning that it was full of either enemies or friends. He was friends with the Werebear, Duke Henrik, the Whitewolves, the Werehawk, Baron Griffyn, and the other Werebear, Duke Bergan, and many more late werelords. The Hawks say that most werelords except for the PolarBears, the Hawks, and the WhiteWolves betrayed the king.


King Wergar was a Werewolf and king of Lyssia before the events of the Wereworld series. He was the father of Drew Ferran, although he did not raise him.

King Wergar was renowned throughout the Seven Realms for his warmongering ways.  Despite this many Werelords including Duke Henrik, Duke Manfred, Baron Huth, Baron Griffyn and his fellow Hawklords, etc. highly regarded Wergar.  He was said to always strike first when he got wind of a threat to his people.  When word reached King Wergar that King Faisal planned to make Omir a seperate nation, Wergar quickly rallied his army for war.  The campaign against Faisal and the Jackallords would prove to be Wergar's last as king, as the Werelion Leopold took the oportunity to take over the Wolfs castle in Westland.  By the time King Wergar returned Leopold had taken the Castle and Wergar's children.  The Wolflord was ready to fight to the bitter end but Duke Bergan convinced him to surrender since the Werelion had said he would spare Wergar's family if he did so.  The Wolf was chained and brought into the castle were Leopold then orchestrated the deaths of Wergar and his children. After Wergar's death, Leopold took Wergar's wife, Amelie, for his own queen and with her sired Prince Lucas. Anyone who stood against his rule paid the price. Baron Griffyn the Werehawk lord of Windfell even had his wings cut off by Leopold because he refused to pledge his allegiance.

Thus it seemed that the lineage of the Wolflords had come to an end, but unknown to any who may wish him harm, a servant of the queen had spirited away Wergar's youngest child, Prince Willem. The Wolf king's blood lives on in his heir Willem, re-named Drew Ferran.

Weretype: Greywolf

Gender: Male

Homeland: Highcliff, Westland

Family: Queen Amelie (Wife)(Deceased), Drew Ferran (Son), 4 Unnamed children (Deceased), Two unnamed brothers (Deaceased), Miloqi (Daughter-In-Law), Mikotaj (Son-In-Law)

Status: Deceased

Fate: Is betrayed by his fellow Werelords and is overthrown and executed by King Leopold the tyrant of Lyssia.