King Faisal is a character in the Wereworld series. The Jackal of Omir sits on the throne of Azra, ancient capital of the desert realm. Although he is not a true king, but rather a lord, he labels himself so because when Wergar was still the King he and the other Werelords of Omir tried to become its own country. In book 3, he and his state, Azra, are surrounded by enemies on all sides, including the Doglords to the north and Lady Hayfa, the Hyena, to the south, the noose is tightening for Faisal's people. How long can they hold out against their powerful foes? Who may come to aid them?

Weretype: Jackal

Gender: Male

Homeland: Omir

Family: Unnamed wife, Kara (daughter)

Status: Alive

Appears In: Shadow of the Hawk

Characteristics Edit

Faisal is according to Drew one of the few men he has ever met that can be considered beautiful, being around the same age as Bergan, but the years have been nice to him, his tanned skin is still smooth and without scars, his face is young looking and with almond eyes. Despite being a King, he prefers to wear a simple white toga and a crown of twined golden rope. Drew also describes his voice as rich and honey-toned, which matches his appearance.

Personality Edit

Faisal is clearly a person protective of his people and his family. While he held a grudge towards both Wergar and Kesslar, the former for conquering his city and the later for taking advantage of his hospitality and kidnapping and selling into slavery three of his kinsmen, after seeing that his daughter had been brought safely by Drew and Djogo, he stopped being hostile. He also seems to be more reasonable than other werelords, and he clearly saw through the Werecrow's futile attempts to convince him to kill his guests after the evidence from the young werewolf became more and more accusing towards the Werecrows. Even though he came to trust Drew, it seems he isn't a man that takes no precautions, since he kept Djogo and Shah as "guests", until the Hawklords arrived to assist him.

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Shadow of the Hawk Edit

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