The king of the island continent of Sabrel. He is married to the wereeagle, Lady Endor. He has three sons: Skye, Alter, and Arrow. He rules the seven lands of Sabrel. These include Leaftop, Valetop, Hilltop, Magetop, Clifftop, Weathertop, and the Gryphlet Isles. He is a very powerful magister, likely the most powerful in all of Bast, Lyssia, and Sabrel combined except for his eldest son Skye who could easily surpass his father provided more training. He was born in Magetop to the former king and Griffinlord, King Peak and the weremonkey, Lady Shay . Not much else is said about him.


He is said to be very tall with the most peircing gray eyes one has ever seen. He probably has brown or golden hair like his son.


Magistry: delves in the elements, animals, and mind. He is known to be exceedingly powerful and it is said he specializes in mind-control, one of the lost arts of magistry.

Shapeshifting: has complete control over his Griffin form and is an amazing flyer and warrior when using his gift