High Lord Leon is one of the three rulers of Bast and the father of the late King Leopold. He believes that only a Lion can properly rule Lyssia, and tries to kill Oba when Opal tells him that Lucas killed Leopold. He is very supportive of his grandson, Prince Lucas. When he arrived in Lyssia, Leon punished Lucas for murdering Leopold and made him the champion of the Lions in Onyx's challenge. Before the day of the battle, Lucas killed him so he could take care of his own business.

Gender: Male

Weretype: Lion

FamilyKing Leopold(son) (deceased), Prince Lucas(grandson) (deceased)

Homeland: Leos

Status: Deceased

Fate: Killed by Lucas

First Appearance: Storm of Sharks


He is described as quite elderly and ailing, but is still very aggressive and strong, capable of severely injuring High Lord Oba. He has a mane of blond hair.