Djogo was former captain of Count Kesslar's mercenaries and a slaver, now Drew's friend. He is believed to have killed Count Vega.

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Count Kesslar (Former), Drew Ferran

First Appears In: Rage of Lions

Appearance Edit

Djogo is a tall and muscular man with dark skin, that gives his foreign origins. He lost his left eye in a fight against Drew.

Personality Edit

While at first Djogo was simply Kesslar's ruthless right-hand man, torturing and killing anyone the Weregoat ordered, he only killed when ordered too. When he was forced to fight once more at The Furnace, Drew noticed the near paternal attention Baron Griffyn gave to him, which motivated Drew into thinking he wasn't as bad as he first thought. When Drew noticed the affection Djogo held for Lady Shah, he told the Werewolf that as a mere human, he had no right to even think about being with the beautiful Werelady. When Drew defended him in the court of King Faisal, he truly expressed regret for all the vicious acts he did for Kesslar.

History Edit

He was born on a distant southern island, and at a young age he was captured and sold into slavery, ending as a gladiator in The Furnace of Lord Ignus, where he became one of the most deadly and experienced fighters in the arena. He picked the interest of Count Kesslar, who eventually bought him and made him his second-in-command. He also met Lady Shah and her father Baron Griffyn and they became friends, but since the Weregoat didn't like divided loyalties, he threatened him with harming Shah if his loyalty ever fluctua


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