The land that King Leopold originally hails from, few Lyssians have visited Bast, let alone returned from the jungle continent. Vast and exotic, it feels like a world away from the Seven Realms. The often violent, treacherous and unpredictable waters of the Lyssian Straits prevent any real trade between the continents, regardless of the relatively short distance that separates the two land masses.

The Catlords, specifically the Werelions, Weretigers and Werepanthers united the continent under their rule, submitting many other Werelords from different species to their rule. The Werecats ensured the loyalty of their conquered Werelords by using a ward system, in which many young therianthropes were raised to be loyal to their conquerors, but many of the youngsters were sold into slavery, among them Lord Ignus. The continent is inhabited by all types of beasts, including large felines, mammoths and crocodiles.

It is a continent filled with jungles and savannah, with the gigantic Gypsian Plateau in it's center.

Theriantrope species native of Bast Edit