Baron Hector

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Baron Hector is an ally of the young werewolf Drew Ferran. He is a wereboar and heals Drew's wounds while he is held captive by Prince Lucas. Hector was the twin brother of Vincent and the son of Baron Huth. Hector became the Baron of Redmire after his father was killed in Redmire by Captain Brutus. He is an aspiring magister, but was taught by Vankaskan, who also taught the forbidden art of necromancy. As the story progresses, Hector delves deeper into his necromancy until he finally switches sides to continue to use his powers to their full extent, whenever he feels like it. His brother, Vincent, wanted their father's throne, but Hector would not let him have it. At their final confrontation, Hector accidentally stabs Vincent. However, Vincent's spirit is tugged loose from his body and becomes a vile, haunting Hector's every thought and move. Hector is able to use the Vincent-vile as a weapon, shooting it like an arrow to strangle an enemy without them being able to fight back. In the third book, Shadow of the Hawk, he strangles the Werewalrus Slotha in this way, thus gaining the total allegiance of her tribe of northern warriors, the Ugri. He also has two more rogues, Ringlin and Ibal. Together, the Ugri and the two rogues make up Hector's new Boarguard. While necromancy is addictive and turns the soul and even the body black (His left arm was skeletal and black from communing, as well as from stealing the knowledge of necromancy from his dead master's spirit), Hector is not yet technically considered evil. In Storm of Sharks, Hector took Icegarden and sided with the Crows. He called himself 'Blackhand'. Though he does not trust them, he sided with them more for power than anything. Hector became a feared magister throughout the book, one that everyone in Lyssia knows about. Near the end, Lady Bethwyn, Duke Manfred, and Queen Amelie appear at the doors of Icegarden and want to be let in. Hector and Manfred will argue and they will both call each other traitors. At the end of the argument, Hector pulls out his gaudy dagger and Queen Amelie falls on it, killing herself. Hector is deeply troubled by her death and does regret everything he had ever done since first communing. He tries to banish Vicent from his mind, happy and relived and sets all the prisoners free, ready to give Icegarden to Duke Bergan since Duke Henrik was slain. As he is saying goodbye to Queen Amelie, he is overcome by Vincent, who comes back and takes Hector's body over. Luckily, all the prisoners have left and have escaped through the underground road. There was only one person left, poor Ringlin, who went back to get Hector's clasp. He stabs him and kills him, then Vincent intorrogates Duchess Freya's dead body and finds that the Dragon Lord staff was the lightning rod on top of Bone Tower. Then Lord Flint comes in and Vincent sends his Children of the Blue Flame to kill him.

Weretype: Boar

Gender: Male

Family: Baron Huth (father/deceased), Vincent (twin brother/deceased), Magister Willhelm (uncle), Lady Gretchen (cousin)

Status: Alive

Appears In: Rise of the Wolf, Rage of Lions, Shadow of the Hawk , Nest of the Serpents, Storm of Sharks, War of the Werelords